Quantum Break – New DX11 patch released

Remedy have released a new patch for Quantum Brake on Steam. This patch is a general clean up and optimization for the games ambient occlusion effects.

Quantum Break – Patch October 25th Changelog:

  • Optimized ambient occlusion effect loading for common resolutions
  • Fixed optimized spotlight shader path

What about the Windows 10 version? well its not getting any updates unfortunately, this however is bad news if you read between the lines. Remedy originally claimed that the stand-alone Windows 10 version would be exactly the same as the Steam version. With 2 supposed identical versions of the game not requiring the same updates, its apparent that they are indeed different. This means that various optimizations to the Steam version won’t be available to the Win10 version and vise versa.

Its also been claimed that Remedy are now looking into the start up crashes and live action playback issues that are being reported more and more.

Got Quantum Break on Steam?, well this patch will be auto-downloaded for you.

*Source DSOGaming.com