Nintendo: Ends Production of Wii-U

According to some rumours/sources Nintendo will be shipping their last Wii-U this coming Friday 4th November. In a console generation that has seen Xbox and PlayStation take all glory, the Wii-U was released a year earlier than either console, has sold about 13 million. Even with some of Nintendo trademark games, but sadly the Wii-U failure was caused by a lack of proper processing power, leading to a complete lack of third party games and indie games. In any console war the lack of third party developer support can prove to be deadly to total console sales. The Wii-U sadly holds to this fact.

Nintendo are very willing to move on from the Wii-U’s failures so that they can now focus on the new upcoming console excitement the Nintendo Switch. It’s also clear that Nintendo have learnt from their mistake from the Wii-U  by showing evolution, as they have already shown the amount of third-party developers that will support the Switch

It is sad to report when a console life comes to a end. But Nintendo are looking to the future now and Switch could be there ticket to next gen gaming