Project Scorpio To Support Xbox One & 360 Games

Project Scorpio will support all Xbox One games and a select number of Xbox 360 titles when it launches in 2017, according to Microsoft’s Mike Ybarra via Twitter.


This isn’t really a surprise as the Backward Compatibility program for the Xbox One has proved extremely popular. So far it has over 250 titles available to play, and each month that number grows. Its early days to be thinking about BC titles on the Scorpio – especially as its not even out yet, but if the previous program is anything to go by then the games may become available on a phased implementation – just like how the BC games are added now.

By the time the Scorpio becomes available – anticipated to be around a year away – will gamers actually want to play Xbox 360 titles on such a high powered gaming console? Or will they be more interested in the new, high end games?

What’s your thoughts on 360 games being playable on the Scorpio?