Blog: Fan Made Games – Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Who remembers this little character?

The Character you spent many hours with in your youth


We remember Sonic very well, we spent many hours fighting Dr Egg man with him. As retro gaming is making a come back and a lot of the old consoles like the Sega Master system, Mega Drive and Genesis sell for a nice price on specialist sites or good old fashioned eBay. I first played Sonic on the Sega Master System 2. (Which I Still have and Boxed too) If your like me, you like to revisit some of the old games and play them again. It was only the other day when I played Sonic on my Mega Drive Reloaded. Once I started playing, it got me thinking what would the game play be like with all these new game engines out there.

So after a little search on Google I came across a Fan made version of Sonic the hedgehog 2 in HD, yes i said HD, so little old sonic is no longer a pixel character!. I must say Sega need to look at the people behind this remake, as it is absolutely stunning visually as all the graphics have all been redone and so have the sounds. With all the new improvements, the fan made version still has the feeling of the classic. One element of the fan made version I do like is that when you go in to the darker areas, the makers have made it so the lighting on the characters and items in that area are darker something that wasn’t done in Sega’s original.

This version of the game is only a alpha and you can only do the first few levels and the first boss level which only last a couple of minutes. Still its only a few levels and a Boss, but still brings back the nostalgia of Sonic The Hedgehog

Check out the game play video blew and see what you think of Sonic in 2DHD

So with fan made games in my mind I will go on the hunt to find more, who knows what might turn up, The gaming world does have some very talented people out there, So I’m hoping for some great results. Check back to see what I find.

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