Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – PSN Free Play Days

Are you still unsure about Call of Duty: Infinte Warfare?If you own a PlayStation 4 then you’re in luck, PlayStation Network will be doing free plays days. Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific on December 15th through to 10:00 AM Pacific December 20th, you can download and play the latest Call of Duty experience, with access to all three game modes.

But there is a few requirements and restrictions:

How to Participate
To access the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial, go to PlayStation Store and search “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Free Trial.” You will be redirected to the Free Trial Product Page. You can also access the Trial on the Infinite Warfare game page under the “Demos” category.

You can play campaign with “Rising Threat” and “Black Sky,” the first two levels of the game.
Plus, you can jump into multiplayer with friends and foes but there is a cap on the level you can achieve (Level 15), and try to hold your own against the undead in a zombie infested 1980’s amusement park (Level Cap of 3).

PlayStation Plus is required for Multiplayer and Zombies in Space land. Please note that the trial is the full game with restricted access, and you will need around 60 GB to download the full experience.

Once the trial has finished, and you decide to purchase the full game, your progress from the trial will be carried over so you can carry on where you left off!


Source: PlayStation Blog