Mario, Luigi & Pokemon get Unreal Treatment

CryZENx has celebrated 90,000 subscribers to his youtube channel with four Unreal Engine 4 projects to the public. PC gamers can now download demos of CryZENx’s recreations of Luigi’s Mansion, Pokemon Stadium and Super Mario Sunshine.

As always, these fan projects and are created purely to show what the games could look like in modern game engines.

With fan made games you should keep in mind that they are created by a single person in this case, or two- three people in other cases of fan made games, and not by entire studio team.

You can download these Unreal Engine 4 fan projects from the following links.

Luigis Mansion in Unreal Engine 4
Pokemon Stadium in Unreal Engine 4
Pokemon Sun & Moon animations test in Unreal Engine 4
Super Mario Sunshine in Unreal Engine 4

Source: Darkside of Gaming

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