PSP Emulator shown Working On Xbox One

As we all know Emulators are are thing that put many people on the fence, specially with regards to the law about them. How ever it would appear that one called WinPSPe a port of PPSSPP. The PlayStation Portable emulator has been shown fully working on a Xbox one system (shown in the video below). At the moment the app isn’t on the Xbox Store, but can be purchased via the Windows 10 store for the price of £7.69.

The last emulator to appear on the Xbox store was the Nintendo 64 app Win64e10 but only lasted a day as Microsoft pulled the app from the Store due to licence and legal reasons. If the PSP emulator makes it way on to the store, you would have to be quick to get it, as we are predicting its time on the store wouldn’t be short-lived.

Check out the three-minute video below of the emulator running on the Xbox One system

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Source: Xbox Tavern