Retro Gaming Ideas for Christmas

With the Christmas fast approaching, we thought we would have a look at what’s Available on the market to bring some of that retro and classic gaming back.

As to our surprise there’s a few more retro consoles out there than we knew about.

Sega Megadrive

Relive some classic video game action with the Sega Megadrive, including beloved classics like Alex Kidd, Ecco, Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Sonic and Columns. With 80 games built-in and two, battery-operated, wireless controllers you can get straight into the action. The console is compatible with SEGA Mega Drive cartridges.

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP £49.99

I have this myself and have spent many hours playing through all Sonic 1,2 and 3. This console brings back all the memories of the original, but with a modern take on it, the fact you have Infrared wireless controllers, they can be a bit of a pain if your not sitting directly in front of the console. As the sensor wont pick them up at certain angles apart from that little issue, This is perfect for classic retro SEGA gaming.

Sega Portable Console With 30 Built-In Games

Play some Sega classics with this portable console with 30 built-in games. With a 2.4 LCD player play 30 of Sega’s 8-bit favorites including all of the Sonic games. Just like the Sega Megadrive it come with a nice little collection of pre-installed games, sadly this portable console doesn’t offer the facility to expand that. The screen is 0a 2.4inch LCD, can be battery operated and main operated too, so ideal if your at home to save on batteries.

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP: £19.99



Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console & 100 Built-In Games

Take a trip to your childhood with this Atari Flashback 6 Classic Game Console. It gives you 100 Games Built-in so you can start playing straight away.

 The Atari flashback offers a large collection of pre-installed games with a 100 to choose from and some are classics too, Like Space Invaders. Play with the classic style Atari Joystick controllers but this time they are wireless.

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP: £49.99


Retro Games Controller

The mini handheld controller is designed to look just like the retro 80s controllers. It’s compact and portable for hours of retro gaming and is great for you and the whole family. With a range of games from shooting, arcade, puzzle and sports, there’s a game for everyone. With a mini joystick and A + B buttons, this remote is a nostalgic little number for old-school gamers. Includes a 200 strong, on-board retro gaming library.

Remember when graphics were in 2D and old school arcade games were all the rage? Well now you can with the easy gaming gadget that plugs straight into your TV for the ultimate gaming experience in the comfort of your very own home!.

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP: £12.99

Nintendo Classic Mini

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System is a miniaturised version of the groundbreaking NES, originally released in Europe in 1986.

Just plug the Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System into your TV, pick up that grey controller, and rediscover the joy of NES games – in high definition at 60 Hz! The system come with 30 classic Nintendo games pre-installed, so you have many hours of fun at your finger tips. You can even buy a second controller.

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP: £49.99 – These have been very popular and have been known to sold out in most retailers and online.



Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Console with 1000 Built-In Games

Pre-loaded with 1000 licensed games – just grab your TV and you’re ready to go! Connects to both your TV’s USB port (for power) and its video/audio inputs, no other cables are needed.

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum also offera the ability to increase your games via the SD card slot. This is the only Spectrum console endorsed by Sir Clive Sinclair!

Price can vary depending on retailer – RRP: £99.99

It does sound a bit pricey but it does offer the feature to increase you game library so it does have on over on most of the retro consoles we have mentioned.

Retro Bit – Super Retro Trio 3 in 1 Console

Last but no means least. Retro Bit – Super Retro Trio 3 in 1 Console

If you are a gamer that likes to play the old way with the cartridges then this console is for you. This console offers Compatibly with original NES, SNES, GENESIS/Mega Drive games. Get a nostalgic classic gaming fix with the Super Retro Trio by Retro-bit! Play classic NES, SNES and GENESIS games directly from the original cartridges onto the SR3! The modern design of this 3-in-1 home system allows for less clutter and more gaming. It is equipped with 3 cartridge slots, 6 controller ports compatible with original or third party controllers, 2 controllers. The SR3 gives every old-school gamer a new reason to get their game on!.

Price can vary depending on retailer – £70.00 – 90.00

Hopefully one of these would make a nice gift for Christmas for the gamer in your life or yourself.

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