Our Indie Game of 2016

So with 2016 coming to a end, we would like to know what is your indie title of 2016 is?

With so many indie titles available  on all platforms, it has been very difficult to choose.

But after some time we decided our indie game of 2016 has to be Stardew Valley. It’s came out in February on PC and on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 earlier this month. We’ve been playing both the PC and Console version and it’s a very addictive game.

Creator of Stardew Valley – Eric Barone spent four years creating Stardew Valley and brought it to PC first and became very successful and he wanted to bring that success to the consoles. We can honestly say he has done it with the help of publisher Chucklefish ltd.

Any Button Gaming – Indie Game of 2016 is: Stardew Valley.

Steam: Purchase PC Version

Xbox One: Purchase Xbox Version

PlayStation: Purchase PS4 Version

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