Battlefield 1 – Password Servers and CTE

We may be getting a Community Test Environment (CTE) for Battlefield 1 sometime soon, with the ability to password-lock servers being among the first items.

Battlefield 1 developer DICE has yet to officially announce Community Test Environment (CTE) for the game. Both Battlefield 4 and Hardline had their own, though they went live months after each game’s respective release.

Battlefield 1 is still relatively new, but we may be closer to a CTE launch than we think. Ali Hassoon, a producer at DICE, recently answered some Twitter questions and may have hinted the launch of the CTE.

One of the questions ask by a twitter user was about servers with passwords and is it coming anytime soon. He said that the feature is “very close to being final”, but that the studio may test it in the CTE first.

Here’s the tweet:

With the upcoming They Shall Not Pass DLC, will the CTE be released alongside the DLC? Or maybe a couple of weeks before?


Source: VG247


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