Battlefield 1 Anti-Cheat System Is Banning Good Players

Ahh, EA, you’ve done it again. Rumours are starting to circulate that Battlefields new Anti-Cheat system is having a few issues, and not just small ones. It has emerged that a large number of legitimate players are being banned for being, well, too good. It seems that the FairFight system, developed by GameBlocks isn’t able to determine the difference between skill and hack.

The FairFight System is supposed to “evaluate[s] players’ real-time gameplay actions” in order to determine whether or not a player is cheating. According to its official website, FairFight “combines algorithmic models that assess an array of statistical markers to identify possible cheating, and cross-checks these measurements using objective gameplay reporting to Make it a FairFight for everyone.”

The issue was brought to light today by Reddit user: kL-Spazmo, a Battlefield 1 player with over 2800 hours play time. Spazmo states that back on January 4 he was permanently banned following the lifting of a previous suspension, due to being considered a cheater by FairFight. And he’s not the only one, It has also emerged that Minidoracat, the current number 2 ranked player on the global network was also given a temporary ban, despite the fact that all his/her games were streamed for all to see. BF player SpartanHoplite was hit with a suspension for racking up over 200 bomber kills in a game, while grubsi123 also received a one-week ban after going 77-1.

why is this happening? It seems that the ceiling for the deviance from ‘normal’ statistics that is used to determine legitimate play in Battlefield 1 has been set too low, with a number of skilled players being hit with suspensions and outright bans recently. It does appear that DICE is aware of the issue with FairFight and is looking to resolve the situation with affected users.  Al Hassoon a p[roducer at DICE reached out to Spazmo over Twitter in a bid to discuss this ban privately.

*source Powerupgaming

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