Skyrim: Special Edition Mod Problems Could Soon Be Fixed

Did you get Skyrim Special Edition? are you a fan of mods but found that most were incompatible with it? Well good news everybody! These problems could soon be fixed thanks to the hard working team behind the popular Skyrim Script Extender. The team have recently announced they are working on a new version that will be compatible with the Special Edition.

At the moment they are aiming for a beta release sometime in mid-March and as a way to differentiate it from the original version it will be called – SKSE64. Why is this mod so important? This mod is a necessary component for many other mods out there. Think of it like a computer hard drive, to get the PC up and running you need a brain to tell everything what to do, to connect the dots as it were, this mod is that brain.

*Source vg24/7

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