Ark…to Pokemon Evolved

Its been mentioned by almost every Nintendo and Pokemon fan a like, what are they asking for I here you say?

An open-world Pokemon game. Even Nintendo know the fans want one. We are happy to report that a Steam member has made one, Ok there is a slight catch you do need Ark: Survival Evolved, and you need to download the mod that replaces the dinosaurs in the game with Pokemon. 

On Steam you need to search; Pokemon Evolved. It is available for download, right now. There is a some bad news, it comes in the form of DMCA notice of copyright infringement has been filed on it. As such, we strongly suggest downloading the mod while you still can.

All the assets that are featured in Pokemon Evolved are taken from Pokemon X and Y. However, it’s not Nintendo the one who issued the DMCA notice. This DMCA notice has been submitted by another modder (or a supporter of that modder) who is also developing a Pokemon mod for Ark: Survival Evolved.


Download Pokemon Evolved from here.