Nintendo Switch Prices Nosedive After Reveal

Is the Nintendo Switch just another Nintendo gimmick that’s set to fail before it even begins? It seems the shareholders think it might be. Following on from the hugely hyped reveal last week the Switch’s pricing and game lineup were announced. Looking at the companies shares it seems as though investors didn’t like what they saw, with the companies shares falling 5.8% to 23,750 yen on Friday 13th, with a further 2% drop on Monday 16th.

“The pricing and game titles were as expected; the stock was bought up on hopes and sold on the fact,” Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda. “The first two weeks of sales will be critical for Nintendo, and they will have to sell the 2 million units they forecast for the quarter. The Switch’s success will be determined at the start.”

However, away from the shares and business side of things, it looks rosy for the Switch, with the first round or pre-orders already having sold out in America. Reggie Fils-Aime, Boss of Nintendo America, is confident that there will be enough units available to fulfil the demand.

*Source VG24/7

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