UK Chart Week Ending 15th January 2017

Another week has gone by, and as usual, the charts are forever changing depending on what you the gamers are buying. As of late Sunday night, the charts are looking like this:


As usual Grand Theft Auto V is still going strong and has clawed its way back to the number one spot. It goes to show you that games don’t need to be new to be popular, Rockstar has a proven concept that’s paying dividends for them week in week out. Infinite warfare and battlefield 1 are still battling it out together in the top 5. Biggest shock this week looks to be Titanfall 2, dropping 11 places in a single week and just holding on to a position in the top 40.


What do you think about this week’s chart? Is it a fair description of the gaming market as a whole? let us know in the comments below.

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