Cities Skylines for Xbox One To Be Shown Off Next Month

Cities Skylines for the Xbox One will be shown off next month at Game Developers Conference. This will be the first in depth look at the city management simulator since it was teased way back in August 2015 at Gamescom, yes it’s really been that long!

Microsoft will let press see the Colossal Order/Paradox game at Game Developers Conference 2017, which begins February 27. The game is very popular with PC Gamers, Cities Skylines also has very good reviews on Steam and on Metacritic with a score of 85 percent. Cities Skylines has sold over 2 million copies at the last count in March 2016 so it’s highly likely the total has increased.

We can’t wait to see what is on offer for the Xbox One Version. we will keep you updated on any information that becomes available.


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