Blizzard Says Overwatch Skins Accidentally Made Mei Look Thinner

Overwatch seems to never be far away from some controversy surrounding its female characters, and Mei’s new outfits are the ones being questioned this time round. The new ‘Year of the Rooster‘ themed skins appear to show Mei with a slimmer waist, new year new me body perhaps? Alas no, according to Blizzard it is, in fact, a bug:

For a lot of Overwatch’s fans, this is quite an important issue, with many liking the way the game shows off a diverse roster of characters. Mei’s size and shape has been an inspiration to many people who feel that she is showing off a body that is way more ‘healthy and natural’ compared to most generic female characters. We will let you see for yourself below:

*source Kotaku

What do you think about this? Was it a deliberate attempt by Blizzard to ‘slim up’ Mei, or is it an honest error that slipped through? let us know below

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