Phil Spencer On Pre-Ordering The Scorpio And More

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has been very vocal lately on Twitter by answering people’s questions about the upcoming Scorpio. And rightly so, the much-hyped console has got everyone talking, and considering it’s estimated release date is around quarter 4 of this year, very little is actually known about it. In a recent Tweet, Spencer was asked ‘how can we pre-order the Scorpio?’. His response was very to the point:

Seeing as the head of Xbox was replying to his tweets, KS38 also took this opportunity to ask about the elite controller’s compatibility with the upcoming console, (which is a yes it’s compatible btw) but more importantly he asks about cross-platform compatibility:

So there you have it, straight from the horse’s mouth as it were:

  1. pre-order later,
  2. elite will work
  3. and cross play is coming.

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