Skate 4 Hype Begins Thanks To One Single Tweet

EA’s community manager Daniel Lingen has managed to set the internet alight with speculation of an upcoming sequel to Skate 3, the cleverly titled: Skate 4. Just how did he do this? Well, it’s thanks to one simple tweet –

Skate 3 graced our consoles way back in 2010, and ever since then, fans of the franchise have wanted more. Skate 4 is in such high demand that there have actually been campaigns set up by fans via Twitter and Instagram, in an attempt to get the devs to listen to their pleas. Now, a simple tweet doesn’t necessarily mean that Skate 4 is happening, but when it’s a tweet for EA’s community manager, it’s maybe a sign that they’re listening.

What do you think? Does this mean Skate 4 is on the way? Let us know below.

*source vg 2/47

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