Do Fans Keep Older Games Alive?

We reported the most played Steam games of 2016 and the result wasn’t as to be expected. So it got us wondering.

How many gamers prefer to play older games?

I still play a lot of old games on my PC, just to name a few of the games I still play are Transport Tycoon Deluxe, Rollercoaster Tycoon 2, Recently acquired by THQ Nordic, Delta Force series, Age of Empires 2, Rise of Nations, The Command and Conquer series and most recently Lord of Rings Battle of Middle Earth 2 and its expansion pack.

As you can see majority of them are strategy based games. This something I can never get into on a console as I thing certain strategy games do a need a mouse and keyboard.

I can sit for many hours playing these types of games. Only downside to these older games is the lack of Support. Many of the game developers and publishers only give the game a certain life span, so you often loose features like online multiplayer or official updates.

I here you shout that’s Gaming though one game ends another begins, There is one thing that keeps people interested in the older games though. You, the gamers as a lot of you are very talented and mod or create content for the games to keep people interested.

Let’s take Transport Tycoon for example; this was originally a 8 bit MS-DOS game, then made its way to Windows. This game worked right up to Windows Me! Who remembers Windows Me? Windows XP came along and Transport Tycoon wouldn’t work on Windows XP, until a group of die hard fans made a little patch to make it play on the operating system.

Then fans of the game went one step further and have rebuilt the game in open source format so you can still play the original or play a heavily modded version via OpenTTD, this has prolonged the life span of the game as you have option to download hundreds of community made mods. The beauty about OpenTTD you don’t have to own the original game to play it. One of my favourite mods to the game is enabling OpenTTD to become a 32 bit graphic game, it’s take the games to a whole new level.

Just recently I came across a similar website and group for Roller Coaster Tycoon 2, they have made a Open Source launcher. The launcher alters a few of the game mechanics. For example if you are streaming on twitch you can turn a feature on call Twitch integration, this allows your followers and people to be in the game as a park guest and the guest get renamed to the twitch username. Unlike OpenTTD you do have to have the original game installed for the launcher to work.

So for me the answer is Yes, Talented gamers can keep older games alive.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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