Ready, Set, Glow – Candleman Has Arrived On Xbox One

With only 10 seconds of candlelight, help the lone Candleman find his way to the distant light and avoid the dangers of the darkness

Are you ready to step out of the light? Find out by playing Candleman, the 3D puzzle platforming game, released today exclusively on Xbox One. From publisher E-Home Entertainment and developer Spotlightor Interactive, as part of the ID@XBOX program, Candleman features lush environments, dynamic lighting and fantastical challenges that respond to the introduction of candlelight in the ever-oppressive darkness. The premise is elegantly simple: help a small candle find his way through the dark with only 10 seconds of candlelight available per level.

In Candleman, players travel through nine chapters of awe-inspiring and mythical adventures, a total of 36 levels that become increasingly difficult to explore and navigate. They must beware of dangers in the dark beyond deadly falls and running out of candlelight – Candleman will need to surpass raving furnaces, bottomless depths, menacing ghosts, massive machinery and more throughout his journey to find the distant light. While Candleman drips precious candle wax on the floor from illuminating his wick, he gains one major advantage – the decreased weight allows him greater manoeuvrability and jumping height to leap over obstacles.

Candleman is an important project for Spotlightor Interactive since the game is subtly expressive of the Chinese culture’s introspection of contemporary life”, explains Gao Ming, co-founder of Spotlightor and creator of Candleman. “Even though the game’s adventure is contained inside of a magical world, it focuses on the internal struggle of seeking out purpose in a world juxtaposed by light and darkness.”

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