Cosy Goat: Seasteader 

Cosy Goat? Who are they I here you say.

Well…Cosy Goat is a two-person studio currently based in Devon, England. There main focus is making games that are engaging and fun to play. There first project is Seasteader.

Seasteader is a sandbox city building and management strategy game. Inspired by modern games such as Banished and the Tropico series, as well as classic games like Pharaoh, Caesar III, and the Theme and Tycoon games.
What makes Seasteader different from other title in this genre?

You have to build your city on water, whilst creating a society entirely managed by you and your fellow settlers. How much freedom you wish to give them to compete with you is totally up to the player.

If you like your strategy games then Seasteader could be a game for you. We like our strategy games where you build an empire or conquer them, Seasteader fits well within the categories for us.

Are you awaiting the release? Get in the queue with us. We can’t wait to see how the game actually plays.

The developers have informed us, they are a few months away from release

We will keep you informed when a release date and price is set.

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