Minecraft Pokemon Has Been Created Without Mods

If you’re a Minecraft fan, you will no doubt know there are now literally thousands of mods available for it, from simple mods that introduce new animals to huge overhauls like the Resonant Rise packs etc. You won’t be surprised to hear then that someone has made a new Pokemon/Minecraft game, only this time they haven’t used any mods. Instead, a modding team known as Phoenix Projects have built it from the ground up over the last 2.5 years.

Pokemon Cobalt & Amethyst is a single-player Minecraft map, including its very own Pokemon adventure set in an all-new region with 136 unique Pokemon.

Visit Phoenix Projects to download the map. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, Pokemon or both, we would suggest downloading it sooner rather than later, due to any possible copyright claim that may arise from either Nintendo or Microsoft/Mojang in the future.

*AB-Gaming have not tested this game, and as such, we can’t be held accountable for any issues that may arise from using it.

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