Party Hard 2 Announced

Party Hard was a surprise hit for tinyBuild in 2015, the dark stealth strategy game was all about finding any way possible to stop your neighbours from partying, and we mean ANYWAY.  Were you a fan of the first game? If so you will be pleased to know that TinyBuild are bringing it back with Party Hard 2, this time, though, it’s a little different.

A Brand New Game Engine: Party Hard 2 has had a significant facelift and is now using stylised 3D environments with physics and real-time shading. This creates a unique visual style that allows for plenty new gameplay opportunities. Also, note that the characters are still 2D. The devs have stated ‘We’re very curious to see what you think about the new style’, so if you like it (or don’t) give them a tweet.

A Brand New Protagonist: The original Party Hard killer went dark. This time round you will be playing as a brand new protagonist who only wanted to get his Christmas bonus. Alas, he didn’t, and the only logical thing is to start a stabbing spree at a corporate party. Events take place 10 years after the original Party Hard.

You don’t get your Christmas Bonus, so the only logical thing is to stab (and blow up) everyone at a corporate party. Welcome to Party Hard 2, the sequel to 2015’s Stealth Strategy game about stopping parties by any means.

Expect An Open Development Approach: With the original Party Hard, TinyBuild released 5 public alphas which helped them generate a ton of feedback. Expect the same approach here, with playable builds landing in your inbox as development progresses. For now visit the web page HERE, to sign-up for the Alpha.

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