Activision Admit Infinite Warfare Was A Mistake

Activision has finally admitted what we all knew already, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare was not what the ‘fans’ wanted. If the developer had perhaps listened to the fans in the first place, instead of continually telling everyone that this is the game they’re after, they may have been able to rectify the situation. We only need to take a look over the last few years and we can see a definite downward trend regarding sales for Call of Duty games, along with a decline in much-needed revenue. Even by adding Modern Warfare Remastered as a bundle, it wasn’t enough to to make Infinite warfare the success it needed to be.

Activision’s exec Eric Hirshberg admitted to investors that the game “didn’t resonate with the fans”, but more importantly

it wasn’t the success we had planned, Infinite Warfare was certainly not a bad game. It was just the wrong game at the wrong time – and, from the off, fans were never sold on its concept”

This was obvious if you happened to take a look at the Infinite Warfare Youtube trailer – officially the most downvoted trailer of all time.

This year’s call of duty game is being developed by Sledgehammer Games and it will see the series go “back to its roots”, will this be what’s needed to revitalise the Call of Duty Franchise?

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