Retroblox – Old School Gaming, New School Console


RETROBLOX™ Elevates Retro Games to a New Level Combining Innovative Cartridge-Compatible Element Modules, Disc Game-Compatible Optical Disc Drive, and Online Connectivity features to Create the Ultimate Living-Room Worthy Retro Game Console.


RetroBlox Inc. (RBXI) recently announced their new modular retro game console – Retroblox. This new console redefines the old school gaming scene and is built with unique Element Modules. The console is fully compatible with real retro game cartridges for systems like NES, optical disc drive compatible with CD games for systems like PSX, and connectivity that rivals current gen consoles. The console also allows the use of original controllers from older game systems. Once a game cartridge is inserted into an Element Module, players can add the game to their digital collection, share their new addition on Facebook or Twitter, or play and stream via Twitch and YouTube.

Retroblox Inc is anticipating their crowdfunding campaign to launch in April 2017.

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Want to see for yourself just what it’s all about? Visit their web page HERE.

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