Forza 3 Community Group Gallery Update

  1. ABG and the Forza Horizon 3 Community Group on Facebook have joined forces and at present, the Facebook page is running a Community Gallery for us. We are asking the group members for images – check out our post here. We want to go one step further than that, though! We want actual game footage showcasing your pride and joys. Have you got any in-game footage you’re particularly proud of that you would like the world to see?

The footage we’re after is of different car views – cockpit, outside, bonnet etc. You can also include some drone footage as well, you could even coordinate with other members so one drone flies and the other drives to have a cinematic effect, it’s up to you.

As this is a showcase we would like a host of different areas of the horizon landscape: off-road, on-road, dirt tracks, even in-race images and different weather conditions. And of course were wanting a whole range of cars as well – retro, super, JDM, Muscle etc. All we ask is if you can please turn off your UI HUD in-game when recording these.

To submit your gameplay simply post the links on the Facebook page under this article, it’s that simple.

If we get a good response from this, we may even move into other montage clips – funny Forza video, perfect laps etc.

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