Destiny: A Shotgun Divorce…Crucible weapon balance

Amidst all the speculation of a Destiny 2 delay, Bungie still refuse to release any acknowledgement either denying or confirming these rumours. Instead, they’re focusing on ‘not‘ telling us about the forthcoming weapons patch. This patch promises to give guardians the tools they need to combat the current shotgun meta. Bungie claimed that there are several issues they are trying to address, including a total of 5 goals, consisting of providing alternatives and counters for shotguns and making adjustments to special weapon ammunition, the full list follows below:

  • Promote alternatives and counters to shotguns.
  • Align potency of primary weapons with surgical changes.
  • File down a couple of issues from each class. 
  • Fix some issues with a sampler platter of exotics.
  • Supporting adjustments to special ammunition.


If Bungie manages to address these issues maybe Destiny has a chance to drive through and keep us entertained until Destiny 2, but this could yet be another false dawning in what seems to have been the longest ever running beta rather than a finished game.

The latest destiny update will go live 14/2/17 and as promised has hit shotguns hard, with serious changes to the current meta, it could be time to dust your auto rifle off and fall in love with crucible once again.




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