Are Sony Working On A New Handheld?

Sony have been in the handheld market with the PSP And PS Vita for years, but sadly both have met their demise and are no longer in production. Is this all about to change? A NeoGAF user named “ponpo” spotted that this new patent was originally filed in 2015, but it wasn’t public knowledge until very recently. Here are the images of the potential device:

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Is this Sony’s attempt at match the Nintendo Switch due for release next month? We also notice the similarities to the Linx Vision gaming tablet. As with patents, not all make it to the market. We are intrigued as to whether Sony will actually venture back to the handheld market once more to give Nintendo a bit of competition. For me I spent many hours on my PSP and enjoyed it so I would be a customer if they ever did make another handheld, its just a shame Sony’s handheld life span was so short with it’s previous models.

It would be nice to see what sort of hardware it would have compared to the others on the market. With E3 later this year, could this be in Sony’s Announcement plans? If so, it could be a nice addition to the PlayStation family. We will have to wait and see if more becomes of this handheld device. If anything does, we will keep you updated on any news.


Source: RGM


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