Gigantic Launches Eternal Dawn Update

Perfect World Entertainment and Motiga today announced that Eternal Dawn, the next update for Gigantic, is now available on Xbox One and Windows 10. The update to the demanding free-to-play, high-action MOBA grants players access to the game’s newest cosmic hero, Zandora. Eternal Dawn also introduces a Competitive Leaderboard and other new content, including the Storm Drake, Eternal Light Weapons and Champion of Aurion Skins. Gigantic is currently in Open Beta Test as part of the Xbox Game Preview program and will be available on Arc (PC Windows) at a later date following successful testing.

Gigantic: Eternal Dawn features the following:

  • New Hero: Zandora

A lance-wielding Eternal who has emerged from the Star City to walk among mortals, Zandora is a melee/support hybrid who uses auras to empower herself and allies on the battlefield. Bringing the roster’s total to 18, she is the second Hero released since the game’s Dec 8 Game Preview program live date and expands the game’s highly strategic play. Owners of Gigantic’s Founder’s Pack will automatically unlock Zandora for free. The Hero’s skills include:

  • Star Lance Strike: Melee attack combo. Hitting extends active AURA.
  • Aura of Strength: Damage all enemies in melee range. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies deal +10% basic attack damage.
  • Aura of Haste: +8 Stamina. AURA (3s): You and nearby allies move 10% faster.
  • Aura of Life: Cleanse debuffs from nearby allies.  AURA (3s): You and nearby allies regenerate 25 health/s.
  • Focus Skill: Vow of Shielding: Give a 600/800/1000 HP shield to you and nearby allies for 4/5/6s.  Hitting with your basic attack restores 75 HP to the shield.

  • Competitive Leaderboard

Check out where you stand amongst the greatest players of Gigantic and move up the ranks. The website leaderboard contains detailed info to assess your overall skill and gives you breakdowns of the Heroes you play while offering more information on how you play them. Take a look HERE. Rank is determined by your overall skill rating in Gigantic relative to other players. This is calculated based on your wins and losses versus the quality of opponents you face.

The Career Stats page features a detailed breakdown of your Gigantic Rank, Wins, Time Played, KDA, Career Bests and Career Averages from the Heroes you play.

  • New Creature: Storm Drake

A powerful addition to the drake family, the Storm Drake wreaks havoc on whole teams with chain lightning attacks that bounce from foe to foe.

  • Zandora Champion of Aurion Skin

Seeking help from the Eternals, House Aurion strikes back against her foes. Don the colours of House Aurion on the Eternal Knight Zandora, including two colour variants.

  • 18 “Eternal Light” Weapon Skins

These new progression rewards for all 18 heroes encourage players to master each hero to earn or purchase a new weapon skin at level 10.

Gigantic will continue to release weekly updates as part of the Eternal Dawn update as follows:

March 9

  • Beckett Champion of Aurion Skin

Sport your support for House Aurion with a new skin on the adventuring shooter Beckett, including two colour variants.

March 16

  • Vadasi Champion of Aurion Skin

Adorn the colours of House Aurion on the pilgrim and judge Vadasi, including two colour variants.

March 23

  • Voden Champion of Aurion Skin

Inhabit the spirit of House Aurion on the trickster archer Voden, including two colour variants.

For complete patch notes head over to their website HERE.

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