Karton Games: BOB RG-42

Who’d of thought a game named Bob! developed by Karton Games, BOB RG-42 is a very nice looking game. The game is an action-adventure game played in the third person where you spend your time discovering a large world.

You play as an astronaut by the name of Bob, hired by an influential company to locate and collect cubes of precious material in the 936 Zeta Floating Island Nebula. On his mission he has his trusty spaceship and the RG42 Multipurpose Alien Material Processing Backpack. All he has to do is collect this material and come back home, right?

It is rumored that there are multiple native civilizations inhabiting the Floating Island Nebula, but no one has ever attempted a mission of this magnitude… and came back to tell the tale.


  • Procedurally generated open world with multiple floating islands.
  • Fight multiple classes of challenging enemies, with unique weapons.
  • Weapon bullet crafting with the RG42 from scavenged materials.


BOB RG-42 has successfully been voted for on Steam Greenlight 

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