Conan Exiles Full Release Confirmed For Multiple Platforms

Conan Exiles developer Funcom has recently released their financial report for Q4 2016. In it, Funcom has stated that sales of Conan “have performed extremely well”. With more than 480,000 units being sold within the first 28days alone, they are on target to hit their 12-month target in only 30 days!  Thanks to this overwhelming success Funcom have announced Conan Exiles will be coming to Xbox One Game Preview in Q3 2017, with a full release on PC, Xbox and PS4 set for Q1 2018.

More information from the Conan Exiles‘ financial results release can be below:

  • The business model in Conan Exiles is buy to play (B2P). You pay once and can play forever. We will evaluate offering paid Downloadable content (DLC) only after the game has exited Early Access and launched on all platforms.
  • The game is planned to continue in Early Access for around 12 months after its initial Early Access launch on PC. Early Access is a concept provided by Steam where developers can launch fully playable games, but with less content than a full game. Bugs and technical issues must be expected as players under this concept develop the game together with the developers by providing valuable feedback on features, content and bugs.
  • As with many other Early Access games, the company acknowledges that the game has technical issues and bugs in addition to the initial capacity problem we encountered that we are still working on mitigating. This is affecting player ratings negatively which currently stands at 69% positive on Steam user rating.
  • The team is working extensively to fix these issues and the number one priority for the company, above all else, is to fix these issues and prepare the game for future updates.
  • So far the team has delivered 18 larger and smaller updates to the game which has garnered praise from the players in the Early Access community. The speed of updates will be reduced in the coming weeks as the team enters into a more sustainable production rhythm.
  • Some milestones have been moved as part of the additional investment plan, to maximize the quality and thus the revenue generated by those activities.
  • The additional investment will be in the 5 to 10m USD range throughout 2017 and early 2018, to deliver technical and content updates, PR & marketing activities and campaigns, as well as support for Xbox One and Playstation 4 launches.
  • As part of the evaluation to invest more in the console version, the fact that competition in the genre on both Xbox and PS4 is limited, has played a major part. So far only ARK and 7 Days to Die have been released on those consoles.
  • Regular Patches, which will happen every one to two weeks:
  • Performance and Stability updates. Bug Fixing to continuosly polish the game experience.
  • “Quick Win” small features and additionsto the game to respond to the requests from the community.
  • Game Updates, less frequent but with significant additions to the game:
    • Examples of content are the Trebuchet/Siege weapons, Dye system, mounts, etc.
    • The current plan is for 4 – 6 Game Updates during the Early Access Period.
    • 2-3 Game Updates during H1 2017.
    • 2-3 Game Updates during H2 2017.
    • 1 Game Update during Q1 2018.
    • Major Releases, for new platform launches and large content updates:
      • Xbox One Game Preview and an additional Biome during Q3 2017.
        •  Xbox Game Preview is similar to the Early Access program but on the Xbox platform.
        • A “biome” is an addition to the existing game map with a different environment, adding new terrain, monsters, equipment, avatars, etc.
      • Full Release on PC, Xbox, and PS4 in Q1 2018.

If you want to see the entire report, just click HERE.

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