New Aven Colony Trailer

Award-winning veteran games developer and international games label Team17 has today revealed two new GDC trailers for the forthcoming Aven Colony.

Together with Texas-based independent developer Mothership Entertainment, Team17 has unveiled a new gameplay trailer showcasing the beautiful and engrossing sci-fi city-building and management sim Aven Colony.

Set on Aven Prime, an alien world of deserts, tundras and wetlands light-years from Earth, Aven Colony is a rich simulation of an extra-terrestrial colony. Build, customise and maintain your settlement, manage your resources, encounter a variety of alien life forms and look after your citizens – all while dealing with the challenges of life in an entirely new solar system. Will your plucky settlers survive and prosper on this exotic alien world, and uncover its many secrets?

Revealed today for the first time is Aven Colony’s Expedition System which allows you, in your capacity as a colony Governor of Aven Prime, to send out expedition vessels to explore the often hostile surface of mankind’s new home. Your expedition vessels will rescue lost explorers, repair crashed vessels, confront splinter groups and rebels, destroy deadly creep spore and plague spore nests, explore ruins, recover artifacts, and fight robot guardians left behind by mysterious ancient civilization that once inhabited Aven Prime.

Aven Colony launches on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in Q2 2017.

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