Card Game fun With Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow.

Online Card games can be fun, exciting and extremely difficult things to play. Just take a look at hearthstone, Magic, Gwent, Yu Gi Oh and many more. With so many different things happening each turn, it’s difficult to keep an eye on everything that’s happening. Playing this type of game on either a PC or Console makes the whole process fairly simple, thanks to the in-game mechanics taking care of all the information at once – no need to keep track of what card has lost health etc. But what about the original premise of playing a card game with actual cards? With technology taking over this area, its great to see that an ‘old school’ card game, based around real cards, with actual human interaction, can still be popular.

It’s great to hear that Zafty Games have just announced that Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow, a retro-themed dungeon crawling card game has reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. This new card game will come in two versions, not surprisingly they are called the Light version and Shadow version. Each of these showcases a new element that is being introduced into the already popular Pixel Glory universe. The new game adds two new elements, light and shadow, along with new spells and monsters. The dungeon phase of the game has been completely revamped, bringing in the threat of being eliminated from the game when players lose all their health. Cooperative, hidden traitor, solo, and two versus two game modes have also been added in addition to the classic competitive mode.

Pixel Glory: Light and Shadow is the standalone sequel to Pixel Glory and is meant to be the definitive introduction to the series. In Pixel Glory, players each play a wizard out on a quest to save the village from the monsters that inhabit the nearby dungeon. In the first phase of the game, players will master various elemental spells by drafting them through a unique auction-drafting mechanic.Once ready, they will enter the dungeon phase, where they will be using these spells to battle the most unimaginable of foes. However, the quest, while seemingly honourable, is one that they partake purely for personal gain. In reality, theyre self-serving wizards only out to gain the admiration of the townsfolk. Not only do they have to survive the dungeon, they must use their spells wisely to outmanoeuvre their fellow wizards as only the one that deals the last hit on these monsters will reap the fame and the glory.

I personally am a huge fan of ‘online’ card games, I enjoy the competitive aspect of these type of games, but mostly, it’s the fact these type of games tax my grey matter. When you have to continually think about each and every move you make before playing it, It makes the games a whole lot more fun knowing each card could be either your victory or your loss, one wrong move by you or your opponent and that can be game over. Real life card games, on the other hand, are a completely different story, with even more things to keep track of, I doubt I would be any good at them.

Do these type of games still have a place in today’s modern gaming arena? What do you think?

If you wish to support this game, head over to their Kickstarter page HERE. Those that wish to back the campaign have until March 14th.

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