Conan Exiles – Full Nudity On PC But NOT On Xbox One

Conan Exiles launched on Steam Early Access with one option that surprised a few people – full nudity. This, along with the endowment slider, produced a lot of exposure (see what I did there) for the upcoming title. With the recent announcement that Conan Exiles will be coming to Xbox One in Q3 2017, everyone has wondered about this option, seeing as Microsoft have a very hard stance on Nudity in their games.Well, bad news for all you XCbox players out there who want to play about with your characters ‘attributes’ – Xbox won’t be getting this option.

Creative Director Joel Bylos discussed this in a recent interview with DualShockers. Bylos stated that Microsoft has been pretty clear on the subject of full nudity in games, stating that “it’s not gonna fly.” So loin clothes all round then, Funcom themselves haven’t asked about the possibility of including partial nudity (which displays breasts only, with genitals covered by a loincloth), but it’s thought that the answer will still be the same.

Asked why they decided to include nudity in the PC version, Bylos said “it fits the Conan universe, it’s fun, and it could easily be implemented in a way that allows players to turn it off” Ironically Funcom themselves are a tad shocked at just how much attention this nudity option has caused, with Bylos himself stating he believes that it caused a stir because they never discussed it before release –  “it’s there, and people will find it,”

*source DualShoackers

So there you go, No nudity on Xbox, if you want to play to play with your junk, you’re going to have to go somewhere else

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