Destiny’s Vault Of Glass Is Set To Return

Bungie’s latest live stream was, as usual, jam-packed with information regarding what’s next for Destiny. With plenty of information being revealed about the upcoming event  – Age of Triumph. Set to start on 28th March, Age of Triumph will be the final event set for Destiny before the upcoming releases of Destiny 2. So what was revealed? Firstly we will see every raid reappearing – Vault of Glass, Crota’s End, Kings Fall etc. These will come with an all new challenge mode, some shiny new armour and ornament drops have been added, as well as all raids requiring a new light level of 390, and of course all the original raid weapons from the first 2 raids are making an appearance.

If you’ve managed to hit the ceiling cap of 400 light already you may be a little disappointed that there is NO light level increase with Age of Triumph. Bungie’s thought about that already, and as a way to compensate those of you already at the top, you will be receiving classic weapons in the raids at a max level.

The thrill is getting these rewards and having them be 400 right away, weapons like the Vex Mythoclast, a Vault of Glass reward.

As with previous events, the record book is back and this time it’s a big one – 13 pages to be exact. Some of you long time destiny players may well find a lot of the book is already complete thanks to achieving some of these milestones in the past, but if you have played Destiny from day one you will still be less than halfway through.

So far so good for all you Destiny fans out there, with more to do, and the classics returning, it sounds like Age of Triumph is Bungie’s way of going out with a BANG, ready for the next destiny instalment.

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