Steam Updates Its User’s Review Policy

Valve is changing its policy regarding user reviews on Steam following last year’s complete overhaul. It’s a well-known fact that the user review section was a bit broken, with people leaving reviews left, right and centre for games they haven’t even played. Ok, sometimes some of these custom reviews were funny, but for the most part, these sometimes very biased reviews/scores hurt the games and made Steam an unfavourable platform for developers to do business on. According to Valve these changes are to

“better reflect the sentiment expressed by invested, paying customers.”

Review scores will no longer include reviews by people who haven’t purchased a copy of the game on Steam This means that anyone who has been given a game as a gift, received a promo code, or played a game on one of the many free play events will be unable to add to the games overall score. You will still be able to review a game in your own unique way, but the final score will NOT be counted towards the games overall total.

That’s not all, though, as part of this update all previously scored games will be altered too, so you may see your favourite (or least favourite) games score change dramatically over the next week. However, all free and free-to-play games will not be included in this update and their scores will remain the same.

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