Xbox Live Gamerscore World Record IS Ridiculous

Do you think your Xbox Gamerscore is high? Are you particularly proud of your gaming achievements? If so, you might want to skip this article. The world record for the highest Xbox Gamerscore was once again broken by Ray Cox IV, or as most people will know him – Stallion83.

Stallio83 has been top of the Xbox Live gamerscore for more than a decade and now he has hit a new milestone, achieving what most of us could never do – amassing a gamer score of 1.5Million!

YIKES!, and I was happy with my 35,000.

Wondering just how you get a score that big, well, The average Xbox game offers a total of 1,750 Gamerscore, making his collection the equivalent of having fully completed over 857 games.

*source Twitter, gamerevolution

How close are you to this massive number? let us know below.

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