Mass Effect Andromeda Teaser

With the release of Mass Effect Andromeda’s fast approaching I find myself teasing the idea of spending days upon weeks upon months roaming through the galaxy once again. So I’ve decided to see whether I can be pulled through a black hole once again and find myself searching space for the answers.


I like the concept that you’re not an out and out hero and you’re not the typical battle veteran fighting one last fight for the future of the Galaxy. The gameplay looks like it could draw you in for hours and the combat looks very interesting indeed. There are few clips on YouTube that show great promise for the Mass Effect franchise going forward. With the release in EU on March 27, 2017 gamers from across the board won’t have to wait look to get to grips with the latest instalment in the Mass Effect franchise, with this being released on Pc, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

With previous Mass Effect titles there was an achievement/trophy for a bit of slap and tickle between your characters and Bioware has done it again with Andromeda. From what I can gather at this stage the “Matchmaker” achievement/trophy awards you for cozying up with 3 characters. This will most likely be achievable through multiple play throughs. So get ready for space coitus once again.

You are the Pathfinder, on a mission to search the galaxy for a new home for humanity. In the video above you will grab a concept of how the game plays and how you will use the skills and abilities to achieve your overall goal. You are Commander Ryder, the latest hero in the fourth Mass Effect title to  currently be released. It’s the first time that you will play as a new character and not as Commander Shepard. You will have the typical choice of playing as either a male or female, although customising your character may take some time due to the options at hand.

This time around Mass Effect Andromeda is doing away with classes enitirely. This doesn’t mean that although your character looks different on the cover they’re all the same underneath. This will give you the option picking skill over a classes. Instead of being subjected to a specific class you will have specific skills to choose from giving you the room to create characters that suit playing style.

There are 3 skill sets on offer here as well to aid you in creating the ultimate combat machine. There are Combat, Tech and Biotic skills on hand.  They all have there own advantages and you can play each one to help decide which specific set works for you gaming style. Each skill has different abilities all which can be upgraded to increase the effects of each singular ability, giving you the edge in combat. There are hundreds of combo’s and skills to be played with here so there’s a lot of fun to be had discovering the effects and damage of these unique options.

The are 4 categories of guns on offer, pistols, shotguns, assault and sniper rifles. There are no restrictions as to who can use these weapons so you can have fun creating the ultimate set up for each character any which way you like.

Enemies have different combat tactics, some will rush you in close combat and others will be more strategical hiding behind cover and choosing there opportunities to attack. They have there strengths and weaknesses such as yellow barred enemies mean that they carry armor which will need to be broken down, and blue barred enemies are shielded. Shields can be broken down but will generate over time for enemies and they will for your characters.

Overall Mass Effect looks to grab many a gamers attention once more as the release date edges closer to fans. From what I can gather this game appears to be a stand a lone story compared to the first few Mass Effect titles. This will give gamers new to the franchise a chance to explore the Galaxy without worrying about the consequences of previous Mass Effect titles.

Once more it looks like I like I will strapping myself into my spacesuit and searching the Galaxy in hopes of maintaining the future and survival of humanity and alien alike. One small step for……

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