Ark’s Next Update Is Running A Bit Late As Usual

For those of you who don’t have Twitter, or do but don’t follow the numerous Studio Wildcard Developers, here is the latest update about the next patch –

The next update for Ark is, as usual, running a little behind according to Community Overlord and Associate Producer at Studio Wildcard Jat (@Jatheish). The Playstation 4 update is all set to go live tomorrow as long as nothing unforeseen happens, but the large Xbox update is still awaiting certification from Microsoft and has not received a set release date. Jat has as always, been very vocal on twitter regarding this next update as the tweets show:

Good news for Xbox fans, the next update had originally been set as a 30GB patch but has now been reduced down to only 20G. And as stated this ‘patch’ isn’t adding new files to Ark, it’s simply updating previous data for the game. That’s still a rather massive patch, especially for those of you on slower internet connections, or with little space left on the original Xbox hard drive.

Are you an Ark: Survival Evolved fan, what platform are you on and are you excited for the next update? Let us know below

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