For Honor BAN Wave Has Begun

Last week Ubisoft made it clear via their ‘For Honor Reddit’ discussion page that they are dealing with the AFK farming problem once and for all. With warnings and bans being issued to around 5500 people. The actions taken by Ubisoft towards these cheaters begins with a 1st offence warning, then, repeated violations may result in a Ubisoft account suspension applicable on the game (temporary or permanent). Although the actual disciplinary action depends on the severity of the behaviour and shall be decided at Ubisoft’s discretion, on a case by case basis.

You can see the original transcript below, or visit either the Reddit page HERE or the official site page HERE for more info.

Greetings warriors,

We communicated earlier this month about how we’re fighting AFK farming and how the For Honor team takes this issue very seriously. A first wave of warnings has been sent earlier last week, and the first wave of banning was performed today. Also, a new wave of warnings has been sent simultaneously.

In today’s wave, around 1 500 players got a 3-Days ban for doing AFK farming.

Around 4 000 new AFK farmers got detected and will receive a warning.

Using a cheat engine to exploit AFK farming is against our Code of Conduct, and these impacted players may get a permaban for cheating.

In all cases, impacted players will receive an official email detailing their sanction and the reason behind it.

As a reminder, our Code of Conduct can be found here: Code of Conduct

You may also wish to refer to our FAQ regarding applicable sanctions in For Honor: For Honor Sanctions

We’ll leave you with a reminder of our Community Values:

Honor: Fight, win and lose with Honor. Support your teammates.

Respect: Respect your opponents and other community members, inside and outside the game.

Share: Share your experience, share tips and hints, spread the word! Looking forward meeting you all on the battlefields!

The For Honor Team

Ubisoft is currently working on improved methods of identifying and preventing the AFK Farming exploit. But in the meantime, they are offering a big thank you to anyone who has reported toxic behaviour such as this and they urge you to continue either by in-game reporting or via the customer support website.

Are you a For Honor fan? Have you seen this or any other ‘toxic’ behaviour? Let us know below

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