PS3 Production Edges Closer To The End In Japan

Sony has today announced that the production of the PlayStation 3 will soon come to an end in Japan. The company’s official PlayStation website noted that “shipments are scheduled to end soon” according to a report by GamesTalk. The only unit type remaining in Japan is the standard 500GB Super Slim.

Although a specific date is unknown, according to the Twitter account of the game shop VITA Kurume shop it seem that they have received the news that the shipment will be completed in March 2017.

The tweet translated from Japanese goes like this.

“It is Denpa. March 2017. This means that PS3 will be shipped this month. In other words, it is production end. Ten years have passed since it was released on Novemeber 11, 2006. I never thought I would do my best as active for such a long time. Anyway, thanks for you effort!”

If this is found true, it will bring to an end of an 11 year run for the PlayStation. A successful console matched against the Wii and the Xbox 360. The system was a success for PlayStation but it wasn’t as dominate as the PlayStation 2 with the Playstation 2 selling nearly double that of the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 4 sales are already up to 53.4 million sold worldwide.

*Sourced and translated from Twitter.

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