The Nintendo Switch Stripped Down By The Ben Heck Show

Recently The Ben Heck Show got there hands on the new Nintendo Switch console. Instead of playing it, they stripped it down to see what it consisted off. During the dismantling of the console Ben went over all the various parts inside the console. What intrigued him, was that Nintendo put the 32gb SSD chip on a separate and removable board to the rest of the consoles parts.

This got us thinking and even Ben said in the video, could this of been done to make larger capacity Nintendo Switch consoles in the near future? Obviously this is only speculation at the moment from both us and Ben Heck, it would be ideal for gamers if Nintendo did make a 120, 300 or 500GB versions, seeing as Zelda takes up half of the available memory of the Switch. Of course there will be price to pay for the bigger size storage. We see this a item to watch, Could we see a premium version of the Switch? They did it with previous console the Wii U.

Check out the video below of The Ben Heck Show inspecting the Nintendo Switch

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