Ark: Gets Even More Content in Patch V255 And A Plethora Of Bugs

Whether wearing green or not today, ARK: Survival Evolved players should feel lucky!! Xbox One and PlayStation®4 survivors received a dino-tastic pot ‘o gold as Studio Wildcard released it next a major content update (v255). This fresh new content pack, available for download immediately for PlayStation 4 players and  Xbox One survivors (and for FREE), adds a plethora of TEK Tier technology, including a complete set of TEK building structures, an impenetrable “TEK Forcefield”, and customizable “TEK Autodoors” to complete Survivor’s futuristic new bases. This content update also includes four new creatures along with a new hairstyle and beard option for more stylish Survivor cosmetic customizations.

New Creatures Added Today:
Electrophorus Beluadomito – A species of Knifefish, Electrophorus uses an electrical charge to zap its prey, bringing down smaller fish and eels. Tribes have been known to capture and tame schools of Electrophorus in order to use them for taking down larger aquatic animals.

Microraptor Gnarilongus – Resembling a bird with a reptilian face, Microraptor is a vicious predator that is instantly aggressive to anything its size or smaller (including humans). Able to jump, run and do short glides, Microraptor is incredibly dangerous alone or in packs, and when trained, they can even take riders right out of their saddles during combat.

Ammonitina Multiamicus – One of the more unique creatures of the sea, the Ammonite resembles a nautilus, but much bigger. For unknown reasons, an attack on an Ammonite brings forth the wrath of all neighboring sea creatures, who will fervently defend it. This makes it a challenge to kill one, though the rewards are often worth it – the shell itself is valuable (as it is rare) and the bile can be used to concoct a unique new pheromone dart.

Thylacoleo Furtimorsus – Also known as the “marsupial lion”, Thylacoleo is a powerful predator native to the island’s redwood forests. A strong bite – the strongest of any land mammal – and bolt cutter-like teeth, make this creature a formidable ambush predator, leaping from above to crush the necks of its prey.

Additional v255 Content:
– 30+ new Explorer Notes
– Improved Server performance
– Added option for per-Tribe Dino Tame limit, enabling on Official PvE servers with a max of 500 Dinos Per Tribe (with on-screen indicator of Tribe Dino count)

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Although the new patch has come with a few, rather large bugs – and not the kind you can tame. The current issues for Xbox users have been addressed via Lead Community Manager, and Associate Producer at Studio Wildcard Jat (@Jatheish):

Don’t have Twitter? Here’s the transcript just for you:

Xbox XDK Patch Information

Hey guys,

We’re going to work through these issues this weekend and get a patch out for it as soon as possible. We’ll book a cert session with Microsoft for Monday (as certs only take place during the week) if they’re able to so we can get the patch out then or Tuesday.

These are the current issues we’re aware of with the new XDK Update:

– Controller shut down kills application [You can plug a wire into your controller to keep it charged/active and then host a player-dedicated] – Player Dedicated and Non-Dedicated Servers are only listing one at a time.
– Servers are not listing in the Servers on Cluster Session List under the Travel to another ARK option.
– Inviting to or Joining (via invite) a Password Protected Player Dedi Server fails
– You can’t successfully Invite/Join game into an Official Server

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