Bioware Are Looking Into Fixing Mass Effect Andromeda Issues

Issues, issues and more issues! That’s how the Mass Effect Andromeda has gone so far, with bugs, glitches and some rather shoddy animations littering the game. So far it seems everyone’s biggest issue relates to the character customisation screen, and unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week, you will no doubt of seen a few snippets of the extremely poor character design/customisation options.

Good news is that Bioware are listening, as Lead designer Ian S. Frazier has been addressing players question about this, and a few other issues on Twitter recently:

It appears that this update and possibly some future patch’s will be aimed at attempting to fix these issues once and for all:

Fingers crossed for all you Mass Effect fans out there, hopefully, these updates will be the start of better things to come. If you’re wondering what’s happening at the moment, take a look at the patch notes HERE.

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