Ark: Survival Evolved’s Inventory Menu Is Being Redesigned

Ark Survival Evolved is set to have its menu system completely overhauled according to Jeremy Stieglitz. One of the long term niggles of the game is the clumsy layout of its menu’s, some in the game, some around the standard menu layout at startup and a lot at the character/server creation section. It seems that the players are not the only ones who are less than keen on the old menu system, the developers aren’t either. Jeremy Stieglitz – Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, & Co-Creative Director of ARK: Survival Evolved. Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard – recently tweeted about the upcoming v256 Patch.

This next patch is estimated as a March 3oth release date on PC, with Xbox and Playstation receiving it, as usual, around 2 weeks later. This patch is set to have the usual changes including new dinos and gear, along with the full menu overhaul, the patch notes can be seen below:

PC v256, ETA: March 29

  • New Mechanic: Aquatic & Amphibious Creature Breeding
  • New Dino: Equus!
  • New Dino: Leedsichthys!
  • New Dino: Ichthyornis!
  • New Dino: Iguanodon!
  • New Structures & Mechanic: Tek Underwater Bases
  • New Structure: TEK Teleporter
  • New Structure: TEK Mosa Saddle
  • New Structure: Tek Power Generator
  • Total Inventory Menu redesign (other UI’s coming soon!)
  • Flyer Nerf
  • New & updated sounds

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