New Overwatch Statue Available

Are you an Overwatch fan? Maybe you just like to collectables? Well, Blizzard has you covered thanks to their range of Overwatch goodies. Head over to the Blizzard Gear Shop HERE and you will see their newest statue – Widowmaker. The new Widowmaker statue is a hand sculpted item that will be unique to you, as every statue is meticulously hand painted. As with anything that is not machine made, there may be slight variances in the final production piece.

“One shot, one kill.” When Widowmaker was younger, she feared spiders. But after coldly assassinating her husband, she realized the truth: at the moment of the kill, spiders are never more alive.

Standing at 13.5″ (floor to head), with a base diameter of 7.5″, the statue is a thing of beauty. But all good things come with a good price tag, and this is no exception, it’s retailing at a staggering $150.00.OUCH!

It joins the previously released Reaper statue – seen below

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