Feast For Worms – Developer And Game

The Indie gaming scene is becoming very popular with great games. We here at Any Button Gaming are always on the look out for indie developers that haven’t got much exposure in such as big area of gaming.

On our search we came across Feast For Worms by Pixel Bread Games, a one man game developer. Feast For Worms is still in very early development but we do have some info on the developer and the game.

The Developer

Brandan Ediger is the creator of Feast For Worms and is the one man band at Pixel Bread Games, he’s 28 years old and I’m from Wichita, Kansas. Married, no kids (yet). I’ve been a gamer my whole life, from the NES to current gen consoles & PC. I’m more of a PC gamer, and I absolutely love the indie dev scene and the games that have come of it.

I always dreamed of creating video games but never knew where to start. I’ve modded a few games in my teenage years, namely Starsiege: Tribes, one of my absolute favorite shooters of the late 90s/early thousands. That game and its community as well as my clan at the time (w00 clan represent!) introduced me to modding and C++. This is also where I began to learn to draw digital sprites and animations. I didn’t do much modding after that, but the digital art experience stuck with me.

One of my favorite games over the past few years is Risk of Rain. I absolutely loved the masochistic gameplay, the sense of isolation and desperation, and the general aesthetic of the game. It’s quite brilliant how much detail they pack into the tiny pixel characters and enemies. And the gameplay is tight, addictive, unforgiving, and an absolute blast to play. It’s one of those easy to pick up, difficult to master types of games.

When Humble Bundle ran a bundle sale on Game Maker: Studio 1.4 and other game dev assets, I decided to pick it up. Since I knew Risk of Rain and several other of my favorite games were created with Game Maker, I decided to give it a shot and see what I could come up with.

The learning curve with GM:S was steep initially, but after countless tutorials and videos on YouTube, I started learning the ropes and began feeling comfortable coding with GML (Game Maker Language) on my own. I originally wanted to create a top down RPG, but those are a dime a dozen and my initial iterations were pretty generic and lacking substance.

Then it hit me. There aren’t enough games out there like Risk of Rain. There are similar platformers and action games, but there are few quite like it. So I decided to create something similar yet unique and Feast for Worms was born.

The Game

Feast for Worms is an action platformer game played with mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. It is still in very early alpha. Development began on September 30th, 2016. It is being developed with Game Maker Studio 2 and will be released on PC. Release date TBD. A Kickstarter is planned for the future to help acquire funding for music, marketing, distribution, and other expenses.

A quick story synopsis and gameplay features –


The realm of Cybele was never without its troubles, but life was peaceful……Until the Great Fracture.

That fateful night, as the story is told, a mystical portal opened above our land and released a fearsome dark entity upon the realm. The Void, they called it. The Void shot across the night sky and pierced into the heart of Cybele’s moon, fracturing it into the Eight Elementals that plummeted to the earth.

  • Arachne, Keeper of The Forest
  • Ymir, Guardian of Glaciers
  •  Nyx, Immortal Shadow
  •  Amaterasu, The Lightbringer
  • Agni, Eternal Flame
  • Vayu, Lord of the Winds, Chaac
  • The Stormcaller, Rán, Goddess of the Sea.

Many brave souls have failed to slay these deities and return their spirits to The Void. It is up to you to defeat the Eight Elementals and rid The Void from the land of Cybele. Only then will our realm be restored, and we will know peace once again.

Gameplay Features

There are two simple rules I’ve followed through development. 1 ) Make the game challenging yet rewarding and 2) Each playthrough must be different in some way to increase replayability.

  • Eight playable characters each with their own unique play-style and attributes. Certain characters will be unlockable (plan to have 8, but only three are playable right now and one is being finalized)
  • Eight levels, each with variations in the stage to encourage exploration.
  • Eight bosses, one per each level, with a final fight against The Void.
  • Numerous enemy types, with at least 4 different enemy types and varieties per level.
  • 50+ Power-Ups.
  • Companions to help even the fight.
  • Discoverable secrets and hidden collectibles.
  • A Hub between stages to swap or purchase items, trade gold or XP, or swap Companions.
  • Progressive difficulty, with enemies spawning more rapidly or new enemy types upon leveling up.
  • Roguelike elements – when you die, it’s game over and progress is lost.
  • An Original Sound Track by Various Artists. Feast For Worms Main Theme by Nicole Marie T – @musicvsartstuff on Twitter.
And many more planned features…

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