MMO: Crowfall Reveals Details Of Massive Eternal Kingdoms Update

Crowfall, the upcoming sandbox  “Throne War” MMO, is lifting the veil on one of its core gameplay pillars, the persistent player-driven Eternal Kingdoms, in a new video released today.

In the video, developer ArtCraft Entertainment’s creative director J Todd Coleman details how players will be able to plan, build and rule their Eternal Kingdoms in cooperation with other players. In comparison to the resource-rich battlefields of the Campaign Worlds, which are ever-evolving, unique and time limited, the Eternal Kingdoms are persistent and are the places where players will come together to trade, organize and ultimately shape the land to their will, all inside their own dedicated, player-run servers.

The new Eternal Kingdoms milestone has recently launched into closed testing, and exposes players to an entire range of creative possibilities that will allow them to build a persistent presence in the Crowfall multiverse.

Within the Eternal Kingdoms update, players can expect the following content:

  • The ability to plan and reshape their Eternal Kingdoms by placing mountains, valleys, rivers and forests, constructing buildings and strongholds and creating the greatest cities.

  • The power to dictate the law of their land as a true king and ruler, including a wide range of PvP rules.

  • Dedicated servers to host their own kingdoms, complete with the ability to control access and admin rights for other players.

  • The ability to invite others to visit or join the kingdoms and become permanent vassals there, fostering alliances and social interplay.

  • In order to build up their Eternal Kingdoms to their fullest potential, players will have to gather and use a wide range of resources, the best of them which can only be found in the dangerous environments of the Campaign Worlds.

Crowfall is currently in pre-alpha testing and open to early access backers.

Crowfall is being developed by the people responsible for groundbreaking MMOs such as Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies and Shadowbane. A soft launch for Crowfall is planned for later this year.

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