Star Trek Online Season 13 – Escalation Arrives In April

Perfect World Europe BV and Cryptic Studios have announced Star Trek Online, Season 13 – Escalation. The journey continues on the free-to-play MMORPG based on the famous Star Trek franchise with the arrival of a new PC update set to arrive on April 25th, with consoles arriving at a later, unreleased date. Escalation sees players face a new mission in the company of Lukaris, one that’s set to help them rediscover their roots and to counter the growing threat of Tzenkethis.

Escalation: The player embarks on a new journey that will allow him to discover where the Lukaris come from, this people of allies formerly so solitary. While they are just beginning to unravel the mysteries of their lost world, they will have to face the Tzenkethis fleet. In addition to continuing the game history, players will also be able to try out the War Games system. This new type of queue pits two teams of five players in a competitive face-off within several PvE scenarios on the ground and in space. And to ensure the balance of the matches, the Player Potential system has been introduced and will bring together and associate players of similar level of play, putting them on an equal footing. The War Games will also be associated with a new reputation with, for the first time ever, equipment and vessels specific to the player’s class, which will then decide to associate the new pieces of equipment of each class or to specialize. In addition to this new competitive system, a complete rebalancing has been made to the space and ground combat so that the captains are not penalized by their choice and preferences in skills and vessels.

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Star Trek Online  is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online game where players can fulfill their own destiny as a captain of a Federation ship, becoming a powerful Klingon warrior seeking to expand the influence of the ” Empire to the confines of the galaxy or to work for the reconstruction of the Romulan heritage as a member of the Romulan Republic. On  Star Trek Online players can visit iconic places in the Star Trek universe, venture into unexplored stellar systems, and get in touch with new, unknown life forms. Star Trek Online is currently available on PC, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

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